1. Goat  
Product Price
Ontario Boneless Goat $7.99 per lb. 
Ontario Goat chops $6.49 per lb. 
Ontario Goat Legs $6.49 per lb. 
Ontario Mix Goat (cut the whole body of goat and mix up) $6.49 per lb. 
2. Lamb  
Product Price
Ontario Boneless Lamb $7.99 per lb. 
Ontario Lamb chops $6.49 per lb. 
Ontario lamb Legs $6.99 per lb. 
Ontario Mix lamb (cut the whole lamb and mix up) $6.49 per lb. 
3. Fish  
Product Price
King fish (non-marinated) $5.29 per lb. 
Salmon steak (non-marinated) $4.99 per lb. 
White fish (non-marinated) $5.49 per lb. 
4. Marinated Products  
Product Price
Afghani Chicken Tikka( Chic.Boneless Breast) $5.49  $4.99 
Boneless Chicken Tikka $5.49 per lb. 
Chicken Drumstick $3.99per lb. 
Chicken legs ( back attach) $3.39per lb. 
Chicken Tikka (Boneless Chic.) $5.29 lb. 
Chicken Wings $4.99 per lb. 
Haryali Chicken Tikka (Boneless) $5.49 Per Lbs 
King Fish $4.99 per lb. 
Lemon Chicken Tikka (Boneless) $5.49 per Lbs 
Salmon Steak $5.29per lb. 
White Fish $5.79 per lb.  $4.99 
5. Fresh Poultry (Without skin and no fat)  
Product Price
Boneless Breast (extra lean) $5.29 per lb. 
Boneless Thighs (extra lean ) $4.99per lb. 
Chicken Drumstick $3.39 per lb. 
Chicken Legs (Back attach) $2.89per lb. 
Chicken Legs (No back attach) $2.89 per lb. 
Chicken lever and Giblet $2.99 per lb. 
Chicken Wings $4.29 per lb. 
Desi Murga (Naturally Raised Chicken) $2.79 per lb. 
6. Keema (Extra Lean Mince Meats)  
Product Price
Chicken keema (breast meat) $5.29 per lb. 
Chicken keema (thigh meat) $4.99 per lb. 
Goat Keema $7.50 per lb. 
Lamb keema $7.50 per lb. 
7. Eggs  
Product Price
8. Cooked and Ready to Go  
Product Price
Chicken Pickle (Boneless) $7.49 per lb. 
Chicken Seekh Kebab $2.25 per piece 
Goat Pickle $6.99 per lb. 
Roasted Chicken Wings (10 pieces) $7.49 
Rosted Chicken (leg & Thigh) $2.50 per Leg (2 pic.) 
Rosted Chicken (whole chicken) $9.99 per piece 
Rosted Fish $7.99 per lb 
9. Frozen Meats(call us for wholesale price\'s)  
Product Price
Australia Boneless Mutton $5.99 per lb.  . 
Australia Mutton Leg $4.49lb. 
Australia Mutton Shoulder $2.99 per lb. 
New Zealand Boneless Lamb $7.49per lb. 
New Zealand Lamb Leg $5.49 per lb. 
New Zealand Lamb Shoulder $4.99 per lb. 
New Zealand Whole Lamb $4.49 per lb. 

Prices may change without prior notice.

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